Conquest II Photo's

Various poses of the Con-Artiste's from the 1999 National Science Fiction convention, ConQuest II.
In no particular order:

alan1_th.jpg (4131 bytes)
Alan Hale in repose
andy&rich1_thumb.jpg (3709 bytes)
Andrew and Richard chatting about weather, comics, or what to drink
boys1_thumb.jpg (3878 bytes)
The boys, almost as if they were standing around a BBQ. But there's one nowhere in sight. Richard, James and Ben.
daniel1_th.jpg (3142 bytes)
Daniel, who always wanted more photo's taken of him, however he was usually behind a video camera... which makes a boring photo! However Daniel gets drunk and falls down stairs really graciously!
mark1_thumb.jpg (3367 bytes)
Mark Brash... our little angel. This was Mark's first experience of our form of science fiction fandom, and now he's an addict. I guess Sara dressing him in all sorts of strange and bizarre costumes certainly helped... or maybe he's always been this way!
nick1_thumb.jpg (3078 bytes)
Nick Withers, our very own Spider Jerusalem. What more to say... he always wears black and is consummately cool.
richm1_th.jpg (2516 bytes)
Richard in Star Trek uniform. OK, so we still have some hang-overs from traditional fandom. Oh, and what hangovers we suffer!
richm2_th.jpg (2510 bytes)
Richard in Star Trek uniform impersonating Arnold J. Rimmer from Red Dwarf. And he does it so well... smeghead!
ryn1_thumb.jpg (2760 bytes)
Ryn looking deep and meaningful. Or maybe she just wanted some sleep...
ryn2_th.jpg (2907 bytes)
Ryn asleep on the couch. This is several hours after the other photo!
sara1_th.jpg (2625 bytes)
And our other party person, the lovely Sara, also asleep on the couch. But what's that she's been reading... not the dreaded porno mag, surely! Kinky.

And then there were the TWISTER photos!   

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