Conquest II Twister Photo's

Various dangerous positions of the Con-Artiste's playing Twister from the 1999 National Science Fiction convention, ConQuest II.

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twister1_th.jpg (3722 bytes)
The first game... our version of Tag Team Wrestling! Alan, Richard and Ben
twister2_th.jpg (3443 bytes)
Richard M takes on the unseen Jon Preddle  while the other Richard looks on.
twister3_th.jpg (3704 bytes)
Jon Preddle yet again hides himself... this time he's out manoeuvring Mark Brash.
twister4_th.jpg (3547 bytes)
Sara and Andrew go at it. He's trying hard not to look down!
twister5_th.jpg (2755 bytes)
Norman (the convention organiser) and Andrew doing potty training together. Love the coordinated outfits boys!
twister6_th.jpg (3293 bytes)
Andrew with Richard "Apollo" Hatch from Battlestar Galactica. What is Richard doing down there???
twister7_th.jpg (3605 bytes)
Richard Hatch playing again against Catherine "twin 1". We think he enjoyed this bout.